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2K12 Korea Night: K-Pop Wave X Seoulsonic Contest


Banner courtesy of DFSB Kollective

Yes, I said contest! Welcome to my first K-pop contest 🙂 I’m so excited for you, dear readers!

Calling all K-pop lovers! Want to win two tickets to go see Brian Joo, G.Na, Crying Nut, Yellow Monsters, APink, Teen Top, and 3rd Line Butterfly? I know you do!

Life’s an Adventure 2 is pleased to offer the opportunity to win two tickets to the 2K12 Korea Night: K-Pop Wave X Seoulsonic show at Canadian Music Week. Heads up though, the show is on Wednesday, March 21st! Oh yeah, and it’s at Kool Haus in Toronto. But don’t worry it’s an all-ages event.

I’m so excited to see Brian Joo perform I can’t sit still! Hopefully he sings Let This Die (either the Korean or English version, I love them both). And while he’s definitely my favourite of the musicians coming, I’ve started listening more to the others in preparation for the show. Let’s just saying I’m liking what I’m hearing and can’t wait for the show. Plus… how often do I get to combine my favourite musical genres into one show. That would be K-pop and alternative 🙂 But enough about me… how would you like to see the show too… for free!?!

How to enter?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. There are three ways to enter… you can do it once or go all out and enter via all three channels! But only one entry per channel per person will be counted (which means you can get up to three entries to this contest).

  • “Like” Life’s an Adventure 2 on Facebook AND leave a comment about what you want me to write about in April.
  • Follow @LifesAdventure2 on Twitter AND shoot me a tweet about what you want me to write about in April.
  • Leave a comment on this post about who you are most excited to see at the 2K12 Korea Night: K-Pop Wave X Seoulsonic show.

When can I enter?

The contest will be open from Monday, March 5th at 10am to Monday, March 12th at 10am. The winner will be randomly drawn from all those who entered and will be contacted by Wednesday, March 14th at 5pm.

Fine Print (rules)

  • You must leave a method of contact (Facebook, Twitter or email) to win – if I can’t get a hold of you to give you the tickets within two (2) business days, I will choose another winner.
  • The show is in Toronto on a Wednesday… please be available to attend and pick up the tickets in person before the show!
  • Normal comment rules apply – no bad language please!

So what are you waiting for! Enter now! I’m super excited about the show and you should be too. K-pop and Korean alt/indie bands are coming to Toronto… what’s better than that? Oh yeah, the chance to go see them for free!


  1. I am the most excited to see Brian Joo at this show!! =D

  2. I’m most excited to see Brian, and teen top!!

  3. I am super, super excited for Crying Nut. I can imagine how epic they would be live. Brian and G.Na would be amazing live too. The whole line up looks good!

  4. I wish I saw this before but I have already bought the ticket for the show. This will be my first concert, let alone my first kpop concert. I am really looking forward to hearing Brian and GNa sing live. I don’t know much about Teen Top or Apink but they have some really great songs.

    On the other hand, there are very indie bands I listen to so this is going to be extremely interesting.

  5. Crying Nut is awesome. I am kind of intrigued by A-Pink

  6. I’m over the moon about the chance to see A-Pink and G-NA.

  7. Chuck is my English name and This is my Korean name 🙂

    • Thanks for entering the contest Chuck!

  8. I really want to see the love of the fans- aside from FT island in the summer, this is the first official kpop “concert” we’re having, so we need to make sure it’s not the last!!! Kpop hwaiting!! Oh, and Brian. He’s only the greatest man alive, no big deal.

    • Nice comment! Are you still dancing to K-pop? (I recognized your name from another article I wrote).

  9. Honestly, I’m excited to see everyone based on the fact that barely any kpop artists come visit Toronto…I was suppose to go to the FTI concert thing, but had last minute alterations and missed out on the opportunity T.T I just want to experience the overall vibe that you just know will be crazy~
    As a fan of Brian ever since FTTS days, he above all is someone I’m keeping my eyes out for!

  10. TEEN TOP~ they have so much potiental and i really would love to see them actually in america. It would also get the hallyu wave to be even more out there. :3

  11. I’m excited to see G.NA and Brian.
    I wonder which songs they will be performing! Hopefully it will be at least 3 songs each. Another big thing is that they both know English perfectly so we can communicate with them! =D

  12. I’m excited to see Brian and G.Na! Pick me Cindy, pick me! 🙂

    • LOL! It’s a automatic computer program that picks the winner 🙂 not me!

      • Computer program, pick me, pick me! LOL

  13. This is perfect! I will actually be in Toronto that day, a 2 hr drive from where I live! I would love to see G.Na and Teen Top, so much potential! I’ve never heard of some of the other performers, so I’m interested in them too!

  14. i’m excited to see teen top, and the rock bands of seoul sonic. the kpop groups are a plus, but i’m really looking forward to having new music to look up when i get home after the show.

  15. Would love to see Teen Top and A Pink! For the rest that I am not familiar with, I am looking them up on youtube~ almost all warmed up! Oops…I still have to get the tickets~ let me be the winner… ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  16. where to buy tickets!

    • Hi Lou, you can buy tickets for 2K12 Korea Night on the Canadian Music Fest website.

  17. I’m terribly excited at the chance to meet and hopefully SEE G.NA! ~
    She is a such a humble and respectable person so I would be thrilled to see her perform, especially since she’s from Vancouver (Homegrown) 😀
    Thank you for the opportunity to go to the SeoulSonic + KpopWave concert!

    • Hi Kadylynn, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, the contest closed at 10am this morning 🙁

  18. I am most excited to see G.NA 😀 I love k-pop and I’ve never been to a concert before, so possibly being able to win a ticket to go would be awesome.

    • Hi Tina, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, the contest ended Monday morning and we already have a winner – Wacky Cashew! But tickets are still on sale at CMW’s website

  19. Hello cindy! we enjoyed reading your blog! I just want to let you know that we shared some information from your blog and left a source of your blog in the article. Thank you!

    • Wow, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog! ^^ Thanks for using some of my info, glad that it was useful to you.

    • Wow! Thanks so much! I appreciate it. ^^

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